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08 April 2008


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And apologies for the really big picture there...


I thought you were just showing what a big impresssion it made on you!

Seamus Heaney says that we find our voice in the writings of others; isn't it interesting that we can find it even in the writings of writers whose language we can't understand.


Yes - it was exactly that; my voice was a distant echo of his.

What I neglected to say was that it was finding and reading his work that prompted me to start taking my poetry seriously. Through him I found a medium and way of sifting the world, that I didn't feel self-conscious attempting, one that I feel I have a facility for. And I realised that it was possible for poets to be poetic about the urban and fast-paced life that I live, which previously I hadn't recognised or seen.


By the way, for a different slant on Berlin (and in the spirit of making connections), take a look at Emine Sevgi Ozdamar's The Bridge of the Golden Horn. A city, a culture, a language filtered through a young Turkish woman's experiences in the 60s. "The Berlin streets had many gaps, here stood a house, then came a hole, in which only the night lived, then again a house, out of which a tree had grown."

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