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09 April 2008


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Melissa Wolfe

Whilst I love a shiny new book with its' crisp and inviting pages, it would be fascinating to explore the different interpretations of multiple comments - even the underlined passages and circled words that I have encountered in borrowed books have exuded an air of mystery and started to create a new story.
Adding a further dimension to Laing's blog - as well as finding other readers within annotated literature, it is also a great place to find ourselves! Reflecting on books that I have studied and the colour coded, intricate comments that a younger me made never ceases to amaze me. It is like re-discovering a part of yourself, mapping your development, progress, the changing way in which you read literature - and the world.
Following this chain of thought led me back to the fascinating debate around interpretation and subjectivity: does all literature undergo a process of translation when it is handed over to the reader? And from this, is translation an intrinsic or natural component of all literature?


For more on marginalia and other paratexts, have a look at Kevin Jackson's 'Invisble Forms':


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