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07 April 2009


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I do love 'The survival destroys'. It sounds like a lost Metallica album.

Nick Asbury

Here's one more. (Arguably an improvement if you find the original a bit twee.)

My WANDER' D remote achievement cloud that in high o' Float; Not valley and hill, when I simultaneously saw the crowd, master's golden yellow narcissus; Nearby the lake, under the tree, inspires the wing and dances in the breeze. Continuously as illumination star, and in Milky Way flash, their stretch' In endless line d along bay boundary: 11,000 looked at looked I, threw them in the lively place dance head. The wave dances nearby them; But they have exceeded in the happy sparkle wave: The poet is impossible, but is joyful, in this kind of happy company: I gazed at -- And gazes at -- But an idea was assorted the wealth to bring to my demonstration: For frequently, when I lies in mine couch in vacant or in the ponder mood, do they flash in that internal eye which are solitary extremely happy; Then I and pleasure fill heart, and yellow narcissus's dance.

Chris Miller

Superb stuff.

Free the Blog, incidentally, becomes Releases Bork.

(Which, presumably, is the news that Bork's tireless campaigners have been longing to hear.)

Tim Rich

I think you'll recognise this passage, despite its journey from English to Japanese and back via BabelFish. I like the appearance of a modern communications device half way through. And the mind-bending reordering of the universe.

God drew up the heaven and the earth with beginning. And the earth to die form and the space; And the darkness was on the surface being deep. And mind of God moved to the surface of the water. And when it is the light/write, you said there, allotted God: And there was a light/write. And as for God the light/write, with that it is good you saw: And God divided the light/write from the darkness. And God him Night called the darkness and light day which telephoned. And evening and morning were first day. And you called God, on midst of the sky water, in order to divide the water from the water, does to do that allots there. And God made the sky, divided the water which is under the sky from the water which is on the sky: And so it was that. And God called the heaven of the sky.

Nick Asbury

Yes, Day getting on the phone to God is a nice touch.

PS: Free the Bork!

Jonathan Holt

The first lines of On Chesil Beach ('They were young, educated, and both virgins on this, their wedding night ... a four-poster bed, rather narrow, whose bedcover was pure white and stretched startlingly smooth, as though by no human hand') translated into Japanese and back to English: whole new swathes of cannibalism, existentialism and metaphor. At least there aren't 'two virgins' in bed with the honeymooners, as happens in the English-Chinese-English version.

"They are educated, both the young virgin, the wedding night, they are clearly living in a conversation about sexual problems at some stage it was impossible. Never easy and is not. They are Georgia's dinner on the first floor of the inn was sitting in a small living room. In the next room, open the door, four-poster bed, rather narrow, straight and smooth and looks amazing in a white bed cover, like the human hand."

Nick Asbury

Yesterday in Holland:

Yesterday all my problems seemed this way outlying now see it as if they' re here to remain Oh, believe I in yesterday sudden I' m. half of the man I was not There' S.A. shade hanging concerning me Oh, yesterday came suddenly why she had go I don' t weet it they wouldn' t says I said something found oneself now long I for yesterday yesterday love was such an easy game to play now has I Oh necessary to hideaway, believes I in yesterday why she had go I don' t weet it they wouldn' t says I said something found oneself now long I for yesterday yesterday love was such an easy game to play now has I Oh necessary to hideaway, believes I in yesterday

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